Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Parents worried hire a dog to sniff their children

Reiner Reuther of sniffer dogs www.drogenhunde.de company believes teenagers technique used to release their drug use can often be "too sophisticated" for parents to unravel. But it will not pass his dog Thor, he said.

Thor completed training to become a police dog in Texas and is known for swiftly in the smell of marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and speed.

"In America it is common practice for dogs to come into the school building and the meter every two to three weeks. Most drugs in schools found down to 90 percent," he told the news portal www.express.de.

"Parents call me and set up an appointment," he said. "When the kids at my school came around with Thor. If drugs are found, it is up to our clients whether or not they choose to report it."

A printed leaflet on the website of the company offering search "kids bedroom, the apartment [and] car" and Thor describes as "updated on the latest drug in the market."

It is also emphasized that the uniform should not be - but could - be imposed in accordance with the wishes of the client and that the staff drive "a vehicle striking or marked (for prevention)" good.

When Thor came up trumps, Reuther said, it is up to clients to decide what to do. He cited one case where the parents are worried call the police to sniffer-dog search, and officers found the older children are required to report smoking hash.

Rather than remaining parents to discipline their children, justice machine swung into action, the child sued and lose spot training scheme.